Hobbies That Can Make Brain Add Smart

Every human in this world would have a hobby or avocation. Not infrequently also those who managed to become a successful person to cultivate his hobby, even some of them do not want to be bothered by others as being engrossed doing his hobby.
Not only fun, hobbies was also to give a good impact, you know. There are some hobbies that turned out to be made of the brain became more intelligent, you know. Want to know what are the hobbies? Here are some hobbies that can make the brain become more intelligent.
1. Playing Music
Do you like to play music? If so, you can be proud because it turned out to play music not only make a person happy, but according to research conducted show if people who have a hobby of playing musk or love listening to music it can make the memory capacity of the brain to be increased. As we know it is not easy to play music, required higher concentrations to be able to play and produce music that is good to hear. It can make your brain becomes accustomed to concentrate so that it can become more intelligent. In addition, playing music can also exercise patience and perseverance.
2. Reading
There are currently not many people who have a hobby of reading. In fact, reading is one pastime that is very fun and can add to our knowledge. People who read a lot of books certainly more intelligent and industrious than those who do not like to read. Diligently reading can also give us the brilliant ideas that can help us moving towards success. In addition, reading can also relieve stress, you know.
3. Travelling
Travelling is one activity that is fun and liked by many people. By traveling, we can visit the various places we've never visited before. In addition to fun, it was traveling too can make our brains become more intelligent you know. When visiting various places, we will learn many new things that we can learn. Traveling hobby also makes us more familiar with the culture and customs that exist in the area we visit so that it can add insight and knowledge. Who knows diligently visiting tourist places, can help us in Memi \ unculkan new ideas.
4. Cooking
Who says people who like memask was not smart? It turns hobby cooks can spoil oak became more intelligent. That's because usually people who like to cook has a very high creativity. This was demonstrated when they try a new recipe or combine various ingredients into new dishes. In addition to intelligent, hobbies memsak also can make us become more conscientious.
5. Admission Team Sports
Exercising not only keeps the body become healthier, but by exercising regularly to maintain a healthy brain. Especially if you are playing a team sport like a case of football, volleyball, etc. can make our brains become better trained so as to enhance the brain's ability to respond, coordination, and also can make us to be confident.
6. Play Scrable And Sudoku
As we know that scrable and sudoku is the kind of game that can sharpen our brain. With scrable hobby play and sudoku can make our brains become more intelligent.

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