First Aid When Mobile Affected Air

In this era of increasingly sophisticated and modern times, there are many smartphones are already equipped with the technology waterproof or waterproof so it would not matter if the smartphone until dunked in water or scalded. However, not all smartphones are equipped with such technology. Surely you will panic at the sight of your phone tercebut or scalded.
Do not be panicked yes. Because of the panic is not the first aid. Instead of panicking, you better first aid immediately take action before your smartphone completely broken. Here are some first aid when the phone exposed to water.

1. Do not immediately be activated
If your smartphone instantly die when exposed to water, you should not immediately turn on the computer. That's because smartphones sata turned on, the water will become more rapid penetration into the smartphone and can eventually lead to important components in it to be damaged. Not only that, the smartphone is still wet and turned on can cause an electrical short. Well, then from that moment your smartphone die because of exposure to water, you should not immediately turn it on. However, if the smartphone was still alive when exposed to water, we suggest you Matika that does not happen things that are not desirable.

One more thing you need to consider. If you smarthone when exposed to water while still in a state in-charge. You should not directly hold because it is very dangerous and can threaten your safety. Before holding a smartphone, you should first turn off the electrical current dahiulu connected to your phone.

2. Remove Cover And Battery
Shortly after the smartphone you get wet, you should immediately immediately release the battery cover and also smartphones and soon winds ssupaya water does not settle in it. Batteries are a source of electricity when exposed to water can cause a short circuit or a short-circuit on your smartphone.

3. Remove the SIM and Memory Card
Sometimes the SIM card and the memory card is far more important than his smartphone. That's because in the two items to store a lot of data such as contacts, photos, videos, and more so. Therefore, when your smartphone or terjebur exposed to the water, you should immediately remove the SIM card and menory card from your smartphone. Although the two objects including objects that are resistant to water, but the most important part of the SIM card and the memory card is part of the chip is made of metal and tend to be very easy mengelami corrosion or damage to the metal part.

4. Dry Smerphone By Air
When the smartphone is exposed to water, maybe most people think if using a dryer such as a hair dryer or drying them directly in the sun is the most appropriate way to drain the water that goes into smartphones. However, it turned out the way one of the tools that can produce it turns out it can cause components in the smartphone becomes damaged.
Better to drain the water, use a soft textured fabric. In addition to drying with a cloth, you can also move the smartphone slowly to mengelarkan water that is in smartphones. If you want to use the tool peengering the grounds that dry quickly, you should use the alt pengerin low pressure for example like a vacuum cleaner.

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