Types And Advantages Screen Protector

Screen protector or better known as the anti-scratch is one of the accessories required when we buy a new smartphone. Although it's been a lot of smartphones are already equipped with a gorilla glass screen or glass that is claimed Dragontail resistant to scratches. However, screen protector should still be used for both kinds of screens can not prevent fine scratches caused by dust or sand.
Did you know there was a lot of you know the type of screen protector. And interestingly, each screen protecttor have the functions and advantages of each. For those of you who want to buy a smartphone, you should know in advance some of the types and advantages of screen protector below.

1. Clear (Transparent)

Of the many types of screen protector, one type of which is arguably the most standard and not memilliki another prominent advantages compared with other screen protector. But even so, the type of screen protector clear screen protector that is most clear when installed on your smartphone screen. Not only that, the price of a type of clear screen protector has a very low price, you know. So for those of you who want a smartphone screen is always clean from dirt and scratches but has budhet mediocre, then you can choose this prrotector screen.

2. Anti-Spy

If you include people who do not want your privacy known by others while playing a smartphone, then you can use a screen protector on this one. Not only protects the screen of your smartphone from scratches, anti spy screen protector types can also make your smartphone screen can not be seen from the side so as to make other people will not be able mengintp you when you're playing a smartphone. By using a type of anti spy screen protector, your privacy is guaranteed to be arranging awake.

3. Anti Glare

Anti-Glare screen protector is a type that has the ability to reduce the reflection of sunlight on the screen of your smartphone. By using this screen protector, you do not need to fear an advanced screen glare when used outdoors. In addition, the manufacture of anti-glare materials also make your smartphone screen to be free of oil. So, it can minimize the lscreen protector attachment of oil from the face to the screen when you're using it to call.

4. Mirror

Well, kind of screen protector this one as it is very suitable for women because it has a shiny surface that can be used for reflection. Additionally, another advantage of this screen protector is to prevent others to see your screen from the side similar smartphona such kind of anti spy screen protector.

5. Tempered Glass

Currently, the types of tempered glass screen protector is very popular among smartphone users. In contrast to other types of screen protector, which is made of glass that has been processed using very paanas temperature that is not easily scratched and broken. Tempered glass mempu melndungi your smartphone display of various types of collision either with a blunt object or collisions with sharp banda. Not only that, tempered glass can also make your smartphone screen still looks clear and obvious such as not using a scratch-resistant.

Thus information about the types and advantages of screen protector. Hopefully this information can help you to choose the right screen protector for your smartphone.

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